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We have for a hire a Classic 1960's Ami Continental Vinyl Jukebox.
This jukebox is the choice of film makers and music buffs arround the world.

vinyl jukebox movie film hireJukebox45s has for hire a classic 1960s Vinyl Jukebox. This model of jukebox has appeared in lots of films. It looks great and has a great visual mechanism that can be easily films. This means that you can see the records being taken out of the carousel and placed on the turntable. This jukebox is in fantastic condition. It has been full re-chromed and is perfect working order. It can be supplied with a full compliment of vinyl 7" 45rpm records. With our contacts we can always try and source a particular record if you hve a specific song in mind. This jukebox is available for hire to TV, Film, Stage and Music Video Productions.

Jukebox45s offer a great professional service and have a proven track record. We were the first company in the UK to offer jukebox hire on a commercial basis and we were the company that introduced services where customers can choose the music that is loaded, Cd Jukebox Hire, Digital Jukebox Hire, Video Jukebox Hire, USB connectivity, Ipod Connectivity and much more. Where we lead others follow.

Below we have detailed some appearances of the jukebox in various films.


If you get a cheaper quote; ask what jukebox is being hired to you, if can you choose the music going into the jukebox, can you add some of your own music and about insurances. We'll always try to match a quote you receive elsewhere. Many of our customers hire jukeboxes because they are fed up with shoddy DJs - don't then hire from a shoddy jukebox hirer. Also in the words of the Beatles "Don't Let Me Down"...every year we bail out our competitors - who hire jukeboxes and then at the last minute, let their customers down. We always fulfill our bookings.

Telephone (01604) 473101 Email: Jukeboxhire@Jukebox45s.co.uk or complete our online form: wedding dukebox hire


Below we have detailed just some of the appearances the Ami Continental has made in famous films.

Natural Born Killers.

Micky & Mallory Knox use it as a background.
Please note this youtube clip does show some violent scenes. We have the record by L7 played on the jukebox during this film scene.

Customers may either have Jukebox45s supply the music, or you may wish to supply your own, or you can have a mix of the two. Stairs are no great problem as we have a powered stair climber to move the jukeboxes, but please make us aware of any narrow stairs or tight turns.


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Wayne's World.
Garth Daydreams to Foxy Lady by Jimi Hendrix.

Patrick Swayzee and Demi Moore listen to Unchained Melody by The Righteous Brothers.

Tine and Bobby
Tina dancing to the JukeBox in ITV's Tina & Bobby





Features of the Ami Continental Viny Jukebox.
1) Holds 50 7" Vinyl 45rpm records
2) Fully Visible Mechanism
3) Rich and Loud Sound

The Music
The jukebox can be supplied with a full compliment of records. But we can help to source and supply a particular record if you have one in mind.

Quentin Tarantino's AMi Continental 2, in the set of Grindhouse
The AMi Continental 2 is also famous for being the jukebox model owned by Quentin Tarantino. Much was written about how he trucked his own personal jukebox, aptly named AMi (pronounced 'Amy'), to Austin, Texas for the filming of 'Death Proof' (2007). AMi appears in the Texas Chili Parlor, most famously as Butterfly gives Stuntman Mike a racy lapdance. Even Tarantino's handwritten song list is visible in the film. In fact, every song in the first half of 'GrindHouse' is from AMi.

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