A Wurlitzer 2504 Vinyl Record Jukebox

(Already loaded with records)



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Plays 52 7" 45rpm Vinyl Records (104 selections)



2ft 6" wide
4ft 4"tall
2ft 4" deep


This is the classic Wurlitzer 2504 45rpm 7" vinyl record playing jukebox in perfect condition. It was made by the classic Wurlitzer Jukebox Manufacturer in 1961 and only around 6000 were made. It is a real collector's item. It is a beautiful jukebox. With the amp having had a complete rebuild/overhail, the sound is fantastic. It is in perfect working order. The body is immaculate. All the chrome has been re-chromed. The dimensions are : Height 4ft 4" Width 2ft 6" Depth 2ft 4". With a genuine visual mechanism: the records can be seen moving in the carousel and then being selected, loaded and played. Its a real eye catcher. The jukebox is on a good set of castors and is easily moved around. Plus The jukebox is full of great records and has the appropriate title cards already loaded. If you have been looking for a classic vinyl jukebox for yourself or as a present, then this is the one for you. The jukebox can be viewed before bidding, just ring us/email us to organise a time. With the jukebox you will receive a 3 month warranty for peace of mind. There will be a delivery charge to consider - or you can collect. Thanks for looking at this item - we appreciate that this is a big purchase so ask as many questions as you like and we will do our best to answer them. Chris McFarquhar @ Jukebox45s.co.uk.

You will love this jukebox.