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DJ or Jukebox for a wedding.

I was having a look round the internet at forums where the subject of choosing a DJ or Jukebox was discussed for a wedding. What struck me was that anyone who had any experience of going to a wedding where a jukebox was used, raved about it; I couldn’t find one negative review. But anyone who had an interest in promoting the DJ business was invariably negative towards the idea. I think with the ever increasing popularity of jukebox hires for weddings, many DJ businesses are concerned.

Now we are obviously biased here in the other direction; we want to hire you a jukebox and you should obviously bear this in mind. But I will give an honest account of whether a jukebox is a good idea for a wedding.

The short answer is yes.

The first thing a jukebox does is that it sets the tone of the wedding reception. The sight of the jukebox puts a smile on people’s faces and it says that you as the Bride & Groom want people to have fun and a good time. It also brings everyone together and values your guests’ presence and input on choosing some music.

The sight of a DJ looking bored and messing with his phone all night simply doesn’t do this. There are some great DJs. But sadly there are all too many that are not. There are too many that think a laptop with some music on qualifies them for this responsibility. I honestly can’t recall ever going to a wedding party and thinking “that DJ was great and made all the difference”. I have been to some great weddings where there was a DJ – but it’s usually the guests that made the party, not the DJ. You also pays your money and takes your choice. I’ve seen on some forums that people are quoting prices as low as £150.00 for a DJ. My guess is that you will get £150.00 worth. A decent DJ with any sort of reputation and a full diary of bookings can easily charge around £500.00. Remember this is your wedding, not a kid’s school disco.

A  Jukebox hire, whilst not being the most expensive option, isn’t the cheapest either.

If you have a jukebox, people more quickly and readily get up and dance and you will have a busy dance floor all night. I think this is because of a couple of reasons. One is that people have chosen the music, so they are already positive about the songs being played. The other is because a jukebox isn’t staring at you whilst you’re out there dancing. And remember a jukebox will keep going as long as you do. It’s not going to start looking at its watch towards the end of the night.

The music.
I always find it odd that Brides and Grooms will meticulously plan everything for their big day, but then entirely hand over the wedding reception disco to someone they have never met and the DJ’s idea of ‘good music’. With our jukeboxes you can choose what music is loaded and add some of your own. Your guests are only ever then choosing from music that you have decided to be on there and it keeps you to a degree in control and avoids anything weird being chosen.

The best advice I can give if you are still undecided is to take the advice of people who have been to a wedding where a jukebox was used. Don’t listen to us and certainly don’t listen to DJ companies who are feeling the pinch and worrying about the future.

But the final word is, whether you hire a DJ or a Jukebox – relax, have a great time and finish your wedding day having fun with your family and friends.

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