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Jukebox45s hire digital jukeboxes

to the whole of the UK , London, South, North, West, East , Midlands, Wales and Scotland.

We have the widest range and are the biggest hirer of Digital jukeboxes in the UK.

Tel 01604 473101

Hire the digital nostalgia and you can have pop videos played
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New for 2011 - see below
ipod iphone ipod touch ipad jukebox

Jukebox45s hire modern high quality full sized commercial jukeboxes for all sorts of occasions. A digital jukebox hire is great for wedding receptions, house parties, office parties and corporate events. Jukeboxes can also be hired for theatre, television and trade shows (we provide jukeboxes for ITV, BBC, Channel 4, Earls Court, NEC, London Arena Olympia etc). Jukeboxes are a great way of entertaining your guests and provide a visual showpiece. A jukebox is much better than having a DJ. The jukebox provides an excellent focal point at your function. People enjoy choosing the music that they want to listen to and because they have had this input, more readily dance and enjoy themselves. It plays what you want to hear (unlike most DJs).

Jukebox45s offer a great professional service and have a proven track record. We were the first company in the UK to offer jukebox hire on a commercial basis and we were the company that introduced services where customers can choose the music that is loaded, Cd Jukebox Hire, Digital Jukebox Hire, Video Jukebox Hire, USB connectivity, Ipod Connectivity and much more. Where we lead others follow.

Due to the amount of jukebox hires we arrange in the area we are proud to announce we now have a franchise in Essex covering London, Kent and the South East of England. We now also have a franchise in Scotland. Less driving for us, better prices for you.

Our charges are cheaper than all our competitors and cheaper than a good quality DJ. Our average charge for a full sized jukebox delivered and collected is £295.00 - Our cheapest hire charge for a full sized jukebox, collected and returned by you is £175.00. (This applies to the hire of an Americana or Silversmith Digital Jukebox). We can also arrange for you to either collect; with us picking up, or for us to deliver; with you returning the jukebox. A wooden carry box and sack barrow are provided. You will need a vehicle big enough to load the Jukebox. Generally this will require a van with a tail lift. Our very cheapest hire is for the 'Jukebox in a box' service. Normally around £155.00. Our most expensive hire is for the Video Digital Nostalgia jukebox. This jukebox as well as playing great music is loaded with pop videos that are played on an external Plasma Screen.

If you get a cheaper quote; ask what jukebox is being hired to you, if can you choose the music going into the jukebox, can you add some of your own music and about insurances. We'll always try to match a quote you receive elsewhere. Many of our customers hire jukeboxes because they are fed up with shoddy DJs - don't then hire from a shoddy jukebox hirer.

Telephone (01604) 473101 Email: or complete our online form: wedding dukebox hire


2011 Offer: Hire one additional item from us such as lights, extra speakers, microphone, bubble or Smoke Machine and choose the second item from this list for free.

How Jukebox45s organise the hires
Firstly we discuss the type of function that you are planning and consider which jukebox is suitable. Then we need to consider delivery and collection. If possible delivery is usually arranged well before the party starts and collection is arranged for the following day.

Customers may either have Jukebox45s supply the music, or you may wish to supply your own, or you can have a mix of the two. Stairs are no great problem as we have a powered stair climber to move the jukeboxes, but please make us aware of any narrow stairs or tight turns.

We Hire Jukeboxes To The Whole Of The UK



Video & Karaoke Digital Americana Jukebox.

Americana CD Jukebox
A CD Americana

(Holds 70 CD Albums)


Video Digital Nostalgia Juke Box Hire
A Top Of The Pops
Digital and Video Nostalgia Jukebox
(Loaded with every top40 hit since 1952 and every video since 1980)

Digital Americana Jukebox Hire
A Digital Americana Jukebox
(Holds an unlimited number of albums)
london jukebox hire wedding

What you can hire
Jukebox45s hire a range of jukeboxes. We have available the Americana CD or Touchscreen Digital jukeboxes (see above). The Digital Nostalgia (see above) The Manhattan CD Jukebox, (see left). The contemporary looking Silversmith Touchscreen Digital jukebox (see left lower). The Spaceman Digital Jukebox and the jukebox in a box (see below). You can place your cursor over the images of the jukeboxes and some text should appear to confirm

help jukebox choosing

Click here or on the road sign for help choosing your ideal jukebox.


Music Jukeboxes.
The two main factors in deciding your choice of jukebox are firstly, choose the look you prefer and then decide between a CD, Digital or Video jukebox. The 'fun' and 'entertainment' that you will enjoy from each of the jukeboxes is the same. With the Digital jukeboxes you can have loaded tens of thousands of songs, but there is something to be said for giving it some thought and limiting the number of songs available (see note below). The Digital Nostalgia comes preloaded with every top 40 song since 1952 and it also has thousands of new and classic pop videos ready to play and add something more to your party. The Manhattan, Nostalgia and Americanas have the classic bubbles perculating over the body. All light up and look great. The Americana is a fantastic looking jukebox and whether it is hired for a wedding reception or other event, it is very popular with everyone who hires it. The Manhattan and Nostalgia jukeboxes are better built and more stylish jukebox than their Wurlitzer counterpart. They are also more expensive to buy. The Manhattan is made of wood and metal. A Wurlitzer jukebox is made of mdf and plastic. The Silversmith provides the opportunity to go for a more modern look and style. (Click on the Silversmith picture to go to its sale page for more information).

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Features of the Video Jukeboxes.
1)The video capable Digital Nostalgia jukebox is provided with up to two 42" Plasma Screens on stands. This jukebox is fantastic and brings a new dimension to any party or event. The Video Digital Americana has a built in video screen, but can also be provided with additional external screens.
2) The Nostalgia jukebox can also display photos intermittently in between the pop videos. These must be in JPG format and saved to a USB memory stick. So if you have some pictures of the birthday girl or boy or of the couple to be or of the company staff or products this is an excellent way of showing them.

Jukebox in a box.mp3 home jukebox wedding hire
If you are just looking for the music and functionality of a digital touchscreen jukebox, but do not want or need a full sized jukebox, then this may be for you. This fantastic unit can be placed on a table or atop your home hi-fi and provides all the music and sound you would normally get from a touchscreen jukebox. This item can be delivered by us or it can be sent by courier with you returning it to us the first working day after your party. This unit will connect to your existing hif-fi. It just needs to have a line-in.We can also provide a seperate amplifier and speakers.You and your guests can then use it just like any other digital jukebox. The screen is the same size as is in the Silversmith jukebox or Americana Digital Jukebox. Basic price £155.00. This is a great alternative if the delivery charge to your party for a full standing jukebox is beyond your budget.

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help jukebox choosing Click here or on the road sign for help choosing your ideal jukebox.


Also available are party lights, extra speakers, smoke machines and bubble machines. We recommend the extra speakers if you are planning a very loud party, or are holding your party in a marquee. The extra speakers can also be used to provide music to rooms seperate to where the jukebox is situated. This includes having music routed into outdoor areas.

Use the Jukebox as a P.A System
Jukebox45s can supply a professional wireless microphone that can be connected up to the jukebox. This then enables people to make announcements and give speeches using the jukebox as a powerful P.A System. This is Ideal for weddings.

Can I connect my IPOD or Laptop to the jukebox?
Yes. All the jukeboxes, including the Astronaut jukebox can be connected to an Ipod or Laptop. See left and below for more details regarding the Digital Americana and Silversmith jukeboxes

london jukeboxes to hireGreat New Feature for the Digital Americana and Silversmith Jukeboxes and Jukebox In A Box:

With all our Digital Americana Jukeboxes and Digital Silversmith Jukeboxes you can now plug in a USB memory stick at any point and all the music on the stick will be immediately scanned and added to the music on the jukebox. When the USB stick is removed this music is then removed from the jukebox. This then gives customers the opportunity to add and remove music that is only required for particular parts of the day. For instance at a wedding you could have some classical music for the daytime and have this removed in time for the evening's party.

The Music
The music is just as important, if not more important, than the jukebox itself. If you give us no instruction we will provide an excellent mix of thousands of songs for your party; covering the 60's through to date. But you can choose the music from our lists if you wish.

You can view the albums we have available by clicking on the links below. Due to there being so many, the list has been split across three web pages. You can mix and match the music from the lists with some of your own music.

The first two lists here can be supplied with both CD & Digital jukeboxes.
1) Jukebox Hire CD & Digital Jukeboxes List One
2) Jukebox Hire CD & Digital Jukeboxes List Two

The third list here can only be supplied with our Digital Jukeboxes.
A) Music just for Digital Jukeboxes

The list below is a text file of the titles of all our albums and should be used, when finalising and emailing us your list.
A Smaller Text Version just containing the cd titles and artists' names.

Providing Some Of Your Own Music: If you intend to hire a CD jukebox and provide some of your own music, we ask that you download this template for your title cards. This is a word document and can be downloaded by clicking here. Complete this with your CD/Title card details and email it to us as an attachment. If you wish to add some of your own music into a digital jukebox that you have hired, this can be saved to a CD or DVD. A trial version of the software used on the Silversmith and Americana jukebox can be downloaded from . Please note that you can not add your own music to the Digital Nostalgia jukebox. We advise that you download a copy of this and edit your files to sit tidily when using this software. With both the Cd and Digital music, will need this sending to us at least 3 weeks before the date of hire.

If you would prefer a higher proportion of music from any period of time or genre, then let us know. We will then replace some of the cds to suit. You may wish to also add a few of your own favourite cds and this can be arranged. At Christmas time we always add a few Christmas cds.

Please Note: Some of your own music can not be added to the Digital Nostalgia.

Too much of a good thing? The average party will have around 150 songs played. The cd jukeboxes hold around 2,500 songs. Usually we limit the digital jukeboxes to around this figure. From experience this then creates a better 'playlist' for your party and enables people to more quickly view and choose their selections. We will however, if instructed put more music into the digital jukeboxes, but trust us, you can have too much of a good thing. You don't want people spending an age looking at tens of thousands of songs on your jukebox. Parties are better for a considered choice of music, rather than an 'open' list. But let us know if this is what you would prefer.

UK Chart Hits. For a bit of fun, or help with choosing that special song for your jukebox hire; below you can check all the No.1 Hits from the UK charts. See what was No.1 when you met your partner or you and your children were born or married etc.

Video Footage of the Jukeboxes:video footage of the jukeboxes
If you have a fast internet connection you can watch a video of some of the hire jukeboxes by clicking here.

If you have a slower connection and would like to watch some video footage of the jukeboxes click here.

Our JukeBox Party Gallery
Pictures Of Jukebox Parties
Click here for images of previous jukebox party hires.

Other Party Items For Hire

wedding party fireworksFireworks
Celebrate in style. We can supply great firework packages.

Package 1 : £100.00, Package 2 : £150.00, Package 3 :£200.00.

Please ask for further details.




patio-heater-hirePatio Heaters
We have for hire some great looking outdoor heaters. These are ideal for the entrance to marquees, patio areas or any other outdoor space where you and your guests may spend some time during the evening. One heater can be hired for £75.00. Two for £145.00. Three for £215.00. Thereafter each additional heater is a further £70.00.



Or complete our Jukebox Hire Form:
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ice-cube-machine-hireIce Cube Machines
Always have enough ice cubes for drinks. These look great and automatically make ice cubes of varying sizes. Just £45.00 each.



Bomb Jack, 4D Warrior, Lady Bug, Dig Dug,  Donkey Kong, Uniwars, Lunar Rescue, Xevious, Moon Patrol, MX5000, PacMan Plus, D Kong Jr, Pleiads, Gorf, Eyes, Pool, Vastar, Megatack, Gyrodine, Mt Do, Pacland, 1942, Frogger, Invaders, Galaga, Scramble, Wonderboy, Galaxian, Starforce, Wiz, Terra Cresta, Jailbreak, Pheonix, Moon Cresta, Pacma, Pheonix IIArcade Games and Table Football
We also have some full size arcade games and table footballs.. Shown here is an excellent shooting game for two players. It's a great way to let off some steam (or stress) for the adults and will keep the kids occupied. We also have Golf Games and Classic Arcade Games - (hover your cursor over the picture here for a list of the Classic Games)





Pinball machine hirePinball Machines to Hire
We have a fantastic collection of music related Pinball Machines. To the left we have the Guns N Roses Pinball. This has 6 ball multiplay and features some great songs from the band. For further details click on the picture here and see a review at Wikipedia. We can also hire the classic Kiss Pinball Machine (one of the most sought after pinballs in the world), We have the Tommy (The Who) pinball machine and we have the Captain Fantastic Elton John Pinball Machine.We have an Elvis Pinball, Creatures Of The Black Lagoon and a Heavy Metal Meltdown Pinball Machine

Elvis Presley Pinball Machine TableElvis Pinball.

pinball machines corporate wedding hire

Plasma Screens For TV and Big Screen Gaming.
This is a great way of keeping kids happy through a long day/party. For £175.00 we will provide a Giant 42" top of the range Plasma Screen and a Playstation 2 consul. The screen comes on a stand and the height can be adjusted to suit. We will provide a couple of games - but you will probably find that your young guests will bring some of their own. You can also have the sound playing through headphones. A 2nd Screen can be added to the setup for an additional £95.00.


pool table party hire Hire a Full Sized Pool Table: We will deliver and setup a classic looking, full sized, pub style, competition standard pool table to your party or event. Delivery on this item can be expensive. Please enquire for a full quote.




Generator Hire.generator hire We can provide a generator to power the items you hire from us. Inclusive of fuel, this is £150.00.

A Digital Americana Jukebox with video screen.
(Holds an unlimited number of albums)
The Video Digital Americana plays both ordinary music tracks, video tracks and/or karaoke music.Please confirm if you require this free additonal option.


Manhattan jukebox hire
A Manhattan Cd Jukebox
(Holds 70CD Albums)

touchscreen silversmith jukebox hire
A Silversmith Digital Jukebox
(Holds an unlimited number of albums)

giant touchscreen jukebox london
Giant Touchscreen Jukebox
(Holds an unlimited number of albums)
Get everyone involved with choosing the music.

jukebox hire special offers

And for parties that are out of this world...
spaceman jukebox hire

The Fantastic Astronaut Jukebox!

The Spaceman above has a a state of the art touchscreen digital jukebox built into his suit. He stands a life size 6ft tall. The sound is superb. The Spaceman is ideal for parties, shows and corporate events. Great fun and an amazing and unique centre piece. The Astronaut jukebox adds visual and audio impact to any party or event. £445.00 for a night's hire.

Fantastic and Unique for 2011.
Add the music on your Ipod, Iphone, Ipod Touch to the jukebox.

ipod iphone ipod touch ipad jukebox
With both the Digital & Video Americana and the Digital Silversmith you can connect your Ipod, Iphone or Ipod Touch and have the music on them automatically added to the music on the jukebox. No other hirer offers this service. We are are not talking about just playing your music through the jukebox via a line out, we are talking about actually having the music pulled off your device and added to the music already on the jukebox. You then choose and play the music on the jukebox, not on your device. If you want to use this service, please let us know and we will confirm the compatability of your device.

karaoke jukebox hire
All our Digital Jukeboxes (except for the Digital Nostalgia) come with an inbuilt Karaoke option.

Don't worry its not compulsory.

But if you think you can show the professionals a thing or two, you can choose from thousands of songs and sing with a friend on our twin microphones. If you are keen on a particular song this can be sent to us for loading ahead of delivery.
(The Karaoke option must be requested at time of booking)


Giant Screen Projectors & Giant Plasma Screens
This is a fantastic way of bringing something extra to your event. You can have our collection of over 2,000 computerised music videos, personal pictures or images in keeping with your themed event shown. This is great for all sorts of occasions, such as weddings, birthdays, themed nights and more.
Click here or on the picture above for more information on Big Screen Projector hire.


Giant Games
How about hiring some more traditional games? We have for hire: Giant Jenga (4ft high), Giant Chess (2ft tall pieces), Giant Draughts and Giant Connect 4 (4ft high). Each of these giant games are great fun and are hired out at £45.00 each.

Charges for the jukebox hire.
The Americana and Silversmith jukebox is £250.00 (unless collected by you) for a night's hire, the Manhattan is £275.00 and the Digital Nostalgia is £295.00 for a night's hire plus delivery charges.

The charges for additional nights or longer periods is not multiples of the charges above, it is usually much cheaper. Just give us a call on 01604 473101.

A lights package is hired at £45.00, the smoke and bubble machines at £40.00 each and extra speakers for £45.00. A good supply of bubble fluid is included with the bubble machine- but further bottles can be purchased for £15.00.
The wireless microphone is £45.00.

dukebox hire digital
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Bronze all in one offer:
With any hire, we will provide a wireless microphone, lights, extra speakers, a bubble & smoke machine for £125.00. A saving of £95.00. For further details click here

Full sized arcade games are £80.00 each.

house party jukeboxes hireIf you are hiring a jukebox for a house party and can be flexible on delivery and collection, let us know. This will help us give you a great quote. We may be able to get some of the charges above reduced for you.

Note: "We will match or beat any of our competitors' prices. If you can find a professional supplier of jukeboxes for hire that has a comparable jukebox and service, then let us know and we will underquote them."

UK Coverage
We hire throughout the UK.

Repeat Order Discount
All customers placing a repeat order receive a 10% discount.

Will the jukebox get through the door?
The jukeboxes will fit through a normal sized door. Stairs in themselves are no great problem, we have an electric stair climbing lift (basically a glorified sack barrow) that will lift the jukebox up over thresholds and even up flights of stairs. However, tight turns with small landings in between can be a problem and should be made known to us before booking.

Can we collect the jukebox?
Yes you are welcome to collect the jukebox. This will save you the delivery and collection charges. However, please note that you will require a high roof van with a tail lift and there must be secure points to strap the jukebox safely to. (we will supply the straps if necessary). The jukebox must also be returned to us on the first working day following your event. Please be aware that the jukeboxes weigh around 120KG.

Jukebox Functions
e have connected a switch on each of the cd jukeboxes that enables the jukeboxes to play automatically - selecting random tracks from random cds. This is an excellent function and one that most of our customers switch on. It prevents any 'dead time'. With this switch 'on' the jukebox will still play as priority any selections that you or your guests make, but then if the selections run out for a time the jukebox will begin to play some music automatically. If you then make some more selections it will dip the volume on the automatically selected track, reject it and instead play the track(s) chosen by you

You have full control over the volume on each of the jukeboxes throughout the hire.

There is a reject button for you to use. So if you don't like a song or it is not in keeping with the party at that particular time, you can have it replaced by something else.

Need a dance floor?
chequered dance floor
We can provide a great looking chequered dance floor.



Table Football Hire Foosball Garlando
We have full sized professional Table Football / Foosball available.

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We Hire Jukeboxes To The Whole Of The UK

Compare us to other Jukebox hirers
We are fully insured. Our public liability insurance covers us for the hire of jukeboxes. We do not know of any other hirer who holds this insurance.
2) With the use of our electric stair climber we have the means to get the jukebox into your home or venue.
3) We care about the music we provide. Our music is continually reviewed and improved.
4) As a back up, each of our jukeboxes has within them a seperate hi-fi system which, in the event of a breakdown will be there for you and your guests to use (although we have never had a breakdown).
5) The hi-fi system inside the jukeboxes provides the opportunity to play the radio through the jukebox. This is great at New Year's Eve when you want to hear Big Ben chime at 12:00am. You can also play a cassette tape through the jukebox if you wish.
6) All of our jukeboxes are high quality jukeboxes.
7) Our prices are very competitive. We keep an eye on what our competitor's are charging and we know we provide a better service by comparison. You'll only be able to hire for less if you hire a lesser jukebox.
8) We deliver well before the start of your function, giving you time to get used to the jukebox. We also collect the following day at the earliest - so the jukebox can be used all night.
9) Each of our jukeboxes comes with a help sheet for you to refer to.
10) We provide full instructions when we deliver the jukebox. There is a printed help sheet for you to refer to and we provide 24hr telephone support.

If you require more information you may wish to view our Jukebox Hire FAQ page by clicking here.
If you're not totally convinced click here for a further jukebox hire sales pitch.

jukebox credit crunchIt's a tough time for many people. We also know that you may have concerns if the companies you book for your wedding / event will be around when it comes to the time of your party. We are an established company and we have yet to see a downturn for the number of bookings coming in for 2011. Additionally, we are always open to a deal if you are feeling the pinch. Have the party you want and deserve.


london jukeboxWord of warning: We are a professional company undertaking hundreds of hires a year. We have a proven track record and a major part of our jukebox hire business is from people and companies who come back to us year on year. Every year we are contacted by people who initially hired a jukebox from other companies but were let down at the last minute. We have never let a customer down. Additionally, we have delivered jukeboxes to venues who have reported bad service from other hirers and complained of late deliveries and faulty equipment being installed. Take care before you place your order. Don't be dissapointed. We are always prepared to offer advice - there are other reputable companies and we will always refer work to these in certain circumstances. You can always call at our place of business and see our jukeboxes and see our wall of thank you letters, cards and photos. (just give us call ahead to make sure we are there). If you do get let down, let us know.

What we need from you
To secure your booking, we ask that a deposit of £50.00 is paid. The balance is payable no later than at the point of delivery of the jukebox.

Christian McFarquhar

Telephone: 07973568331
or 01604 473101

E-Mail or complete our jukebox hire form:
wedding dukebox hire



Church Street,

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We hire to the whole of the UK, including: London W1, Surrey GU1, Oxfordshire, Kent TN1, Essex SS1, Yorkshire, Norfolk, Leicestershire, Nottinghamshire, Suffolk, Hampshire, Warwickshire, Hertfordshire, Wiltshire, Bristol, Gloucestershire, Cambridgeshire, Berkshire, Suffolk, Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Worcestershire, West Sussex, East Sussex, Derbyshire, Herefordshire, Birmingham, Midlands, Cheshire, Lincolnshire, Somerset. Middlesex, Bath, Northamptonshire, Staffordshire, Central London , Sheffield, Leeds, Leicester, Coventry, Stoke-On-Trent, Wolverhampton, Nottingham, Southampton, Reading, Derby, Dudley, Luton, Milton Keynes, Norwich, Walsall, Bournemouth, Southend On Sea, Swindon, Oxford, Ipswich, Telford, West Bromwich, Peterborough, Brighton, Slough, Gloucester, Watford, Cambridge, Cheltenham, Sutton Coldfield, Crawley Hemel Hempstead, Chelmsford, Bedford, St.Albans, Basildon , Brentwood, Dartford


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