Plays 100 Vinyl Records
Can Play Automatically.

2ft 10" wide
4ft 9"tall
27.5" deep

This is a great looking and sounding vinyl record playing jukebox. It is called a Galaxy 200 and is made to the highest specification by the jukebox manufacturer NSM. It has a fully visible mechanism. The movement of the records can be viewed through the bottom window. This jukebox is 4ft 9" tall, is 2ft 10" deep and 2ft 10" wide . It has a big powerful internal speaker system and sounds fantastic. The amplifier comprises of 100watts per channel. It all lights up and and has a good look to it. It plays 100 records providing 200selections. The title cards sit on the upper lid. The jukebox is in excellent condition. In addition to its own internal speakers, it can connect up to external speakers and so it is ideal for a pub or club as well as a private home. The sound on this jukebox is fantastic - crisp and clear. I have the jukebox on free play but it can be set up to accept all modern coinage. You can also connect up a separate wall-box if you wanted to. It stands on a good set of castors and is easily moved about. It has a digital display, which tells you how many credits there are, what selection is playing and what you have selected. I appreciate that this is a significant purchase and so will provide a 3 month warranty for peace of mind. I think that just about covers everything, but if there is anything more that you would like to know then feel free to mail me with your question. There will be a delivery charge to consider - or you can collect. Thanks for looking at this item - we appreciate that this is a big purchase so ask as many questions as you like and we will do our best to answer them. Chris McFarquhar @


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Jukeboxes are meant to be enjoyable. Nobody really needs a jukebox you buy one for enjoyment and fun. But this enjoyment can be spoiled if you are unfortunate enough to buy a shoddy jukebox and then get shoddy support from the seller. Things do occasionally go wrong with jukeboxes that we sell - now and again that is to be expected - but when this happens we get the problem resolved quickly and without fuss and this is backed up by our 3 month gaurantee. On many occasions lately we have been contacted by buyers who have bought jukeboxes from other sellers and have been abandoned when a problem has arisen. We have helped where we can but it is becomming a little annoying. We have also seen other sellers using our photos to sell their items, which is deceiving the customer. We have a proven track record in the jukebox business and have an excellent reputation.

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